Sanitary Napkins for Indian School Girls

Our very own Muzz Buzz Mandurah, Erskine, and Greenfields store owners, Brad and Cheryl Hope, will be travelling to India in January 2018 as part of an Equal Health volunteer mission to purchase and install a Sanitary Napkin Machine for disadvantaged schoolgirls in Northern India.

How this relates to their everyday life, Brad explains; “These schoolgirls can miss up to 3-months of school per year because of no access to sanitary napkins. We hope this initiative will have a positive impact on healthcare and education outcomes for this disadvantaged group. Cost of the machine is $8000 and we are raising money to fund the purchase to help.”

Donation tins will be positioned at their three stores in the Mandurah region from Nov 28 To Dec 8 and any assistance from our customers in the form of donations, no matter how big or small, are very much appreciated.