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Now Brewing Donations – Muzz Buzz Supports the Second Annual Breaths and Beats Ride

With January in full swing, many of us may have set New Year’s Resolutions to be more active or contribute more to our communities. If you’re looking for a way to fulfil these goals, Muzz Buzz has exciting news! We are proudly supporting the second annual Breaths and Beats Ride for Research, a charity event in Western Australia dedicated to raising crucial funds for the Heart and Lung Research Institute of WA.

Muzz Buzz is thrilled to stand behind this year’s Breaths and Beats Ride, a unique event in its second year. Taking place in April, the 29-kilometre ride along the South Perth foreshore is more than just a physical challenge—it’s a journey led by heart or lung transplant recipients. For these Team Leaders, the ride symbolizes a renewed lease on life, allowing them to embrace activities many of us take for granted.

Heading up the Muzz Buzz team is Aaron, diagnosed with end-stage heart failure at the age of 27. Two years post-heart transplant, Aaron not only relishes playing with his young son but also achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a World Champion in 10km and 30km cycling events at the World Transplant Games. Joining the Muzz Buzz team means supporting Aaron’s journey and contributing to the broader cause.

The Breaths and Beats Ride for Research directs its fundraising efforts toward the Heart and Lung Research Institute of WA, the sole medical research institute in Western Australia dedicated to heart and lung transplant research. Donations play a crucial role in advancing medical understanding and improving the lives of individuals in the community grappling with advanced heart and lung diseases.

In its inaugural year, the Breaths and Beats Ride successfully raised $250,000. As we gear up for the 2024 event, Muzz Buzz hopes to replicate or even surpass this achievement. It’s a testament to the power of community involvement and the positive impact businesses can make by supporting important causes.

Muzz Buzz recognizes the challenges in the current economic climate and acknowledges that not everyone may be in a position to make a financial donation. However, we encourage businesses and individuals to explore alternative ways to contribute, such as registering for the ride itself. It’s another meaningful avenue to give back to the local community and provide support to those in need.

As the Breaths and Beats Ride for Research approaches, Muzz Buzz invites you to join us in supporting this worthy cause. Whether through donations, participation, or cheering on the riders at the start line in April, every contribution makes a difference. Together, let’s pedal towards a future where the Heart and Lung Research Institute of WA can continue its groundbreaking work, thanks to the collective support of our community.